Videography Wedding Packages

Traditional Editing Style Story Telling Editing Techniques Discounts And Options
  • Traditional Style: Completely edited with menu & chapter points for convenient disc navigation.
  • This package includes the following sequences; wedding, reception formalities & well wishing and comes with 1 DVDs and 1 Blu-ray copy.
  • Equipment: 2 HD Video Cameras & a wireless microphone.
  • Camera Time: Minimum of 2 hours required.
  • 2 Hours = $550
  • 3 Hours = $750
  • 4 Hours = $950
  • 5 Hours = $1100
  • 6 Hours = $1350
  • 7 Hours = $1500
  • 8 Hours = $1650
  • Storytelling Style: Completely edited with menu & chapter points for convenient disc navigation.
  • Employing “Story Telling” techniques is a great way to create an engaging, fun wedding video. There is a story to be told on your wedding day and who better than to help tell your story than the people you love the most. We try to get several small, yet sentimental sound bites from parents, bridal party and others and then we set all of these great little nuggets over your favorite music, and then layer this with stunning video. After we weave all of these elements, you have a wedding video that will definitely make you cry, but in in a good way. 100% of all couples that have gone with this package have thoroughly loved the results. Includes the following sequences; pre-wedding, wedding, post wedding, reception formalities, well wishing, dancing and the popular wedding day highlights. You will also receive 1 Blu-ray copy and 5 DVDs, all packaged in custom designed DVD cases.
  • Equipment: 3 HD Video Cameras and two wireless microphones.
  • 5 Hours = $1350
  • 7 Hours = $1550
  • After consulting with us, we ask you to pick the style and options that best match your vision. This way, we can make your wedding video as dynamic or simple you feel is best for you!
  • Military, Police & Firemen Discount
    $100 Off Any Package. Thank you for your service!
  • Adding a 2nd Shooter at Ceremony Only = $100. (Brevard County Only)
  • Adding Highlights to Traditional Style Package = $350.
  • Additional Hours Of Shooting Over 7 hours = $150 per hour.

  • Travel Charges From $0 – $90 Could Apply Depending on Your Florida Location.

  • 6% Sales Tax Will Be Added To All Weddings In Florida.

  • We Travel! Ask About Destination Wedding Rates Around The World.
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