Raving Fan Series: Why Video Testimonials Work

I just finished editing a couple of wedding trailers or simply put, a sneak online preview of highlights that the bride groom will see in their wedding DVD.   After the wedding couple has had a chance to preview the wedding trailer, I will ask the bride if she would mind saying a couple of words on camera when I deliver the final Blu-ray DVDs.  Usually they are very happy to do this as long as they know about it a couple of days in advance.

I’m always surprised at how much better they can talk about what I do instead of me trying to blow my own horn.  Here are a couple of recent video testimonials, one from the  bride and another from a mother of a bride.

I’ll let you decide if this is helpful for my business and would love to know if you think this type of word of mouth exposure would be good for your business.   Please post your thoughts on this blog.

Testimonial – Laura DiPasquale from Johnny Lascha on Vimeo.

Testimonial from Mother of the Bride of Jessica and Richard Garand from Johnny Lascha on Vimeo.

To view the wedding trailers the people in the above links are referring to, you can visit http://vimeo.com/channels/ccvideo or visit my web page at www.ccvideo.net/wedding