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Traditional / Documentary Style

This is what we call our intro level pricing.  This style simply gives you the complete wedding ceremony and if you book enough hours, all of the reception formalities as well.  The ceremony is beautifully edited between 3 cameras.  Camera 1 and Camera 2 are focused on each spouse with Camera 3 at the back of the center aisle.  The reception formalities are shot with 2 cameras, one wide and one tight.  Nothing else is shot with this package unless you choose something from the options listed below.

Equipment: 3 HD Video Cameras and 2 wireless microphones.

Price $200 Per Hour
(2 Hour Minimum)

  • Pre-Wedding Video:  Sometimes the best footage of the wedding day is captured before the ceremony.  Our pre-wedding videos are emotionally charged and highly edited. (See Examples)
  • Price – $125 (plus camera time)
  • Cocktail Hour Coverage:  Includes editing a short video centered around cocktail hour and all the decorations and glamour shots of the couple and bridal party.
  • Price – $100
  • Well Wishes: This is shot during cocktail hour and during the dinner hour.  Short well wishes from close family and bridal party.
  • Price – $75
  • Party Dancing
  • After the formalities are over, the DJ usually takes over with party dancing.  this cost is simply the hourly price or shooting plus $75 for editing.
  • Short 2-3 Minute Highlight
    • Price – $200
  • Travel
  • All weddings shot outside of Brevard County within Florida incur a $75 travel fee.
  • Storytelling Full Package
  • This package has EVERYTHING listed in the intro level package to the left with ALL the options PLUS the very popular “Storytelling Highlights
  • Employing “Story Telling” techniques is a great way to create an emotionally, engaging wedding video that will make you cry in a good way!   We try to get several small, yet sentimental sound bites from parents, bridal party and others and set all of these great little moments over your favorite music.  Then we layer the story with stunning video shot throughout the day.   100% of all couples that have gone with this package have thoroughly loved the results.  The package comes with 2 Blu-ray Discs and 2 DVDs, packaged in custom designed DVD cases.
  • Equipment: 4 HD Video Cameras and two wireless microphones.
  • 4 Hours = $1350
  • 5 Hours = $1500
  • 6 Hours $1650
  • 7 Hours = $1800
  • 8 Hours = $1950
    • Love Story:  This is a great way to tell your love story and show the world, family and friends just what brought you together.  We usually shoot the love story video months before the wedding so that you can send it to family and friends to “Save The Date”.  Another effective and popular way to show the Love Story video is right before you walk down the aisle at your wedding OR right before you come into the reception.
    • How It Works:  We would selective a park or scenic location for the shoot.  We interview each person about how you met, and what attracted you to each other, and the proposal.  Then we capture beautiful cinematic shots of you enjoying the each other’s company while strolling through the park.
    • Investment  $550












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